Madonna brings 'Material Girl' to Macy's

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - Madonna's fashion sense and writing skills are rubbing off-- on her daughter. The 13-year-old is now blogging about clothes, shoes, and fashion.

That's because the material girl and her daughter are launching a new clothing line.

The superstar says her daughter is the best partner in the new venture, admitting she knows more about what looks good.

"Watching films, watching music videos, I mean, she pays attention to what's going on in the street, what people are wearing. She's much more fashion forward savvy them I am at this point."

In her daughters blog, the teen talks about not only clothes, but what it's like having Madonna for a mother. Recently she blogged that her mom "finally allowed her to dye her hair".

"Material Girl" launches in Macy's stores next month.

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