Woman to make swim of a lifetime

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - Diana Nyad is currently preparing for her upcoming attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, and she's 60!

That's right, the marathon swimmer's first attempt at this feat was in 1978.

However, due to rough seas, jellyfish stings, delirium and bone-chilling cold, she was unable to make it. But this time?

"I will admit to you I'm scared to death, and in other ways I'm very confident. I've left no stone unturned in training. I look at the weather, I look at the team. I look at the shark devices. So I'm ready, but will it all happen? It's a big unknown and it's kinda unnerving."

Nyad currently holds the long distance swimming record of 102.5 miles.

From Cuba to Florida is 103.

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