Jupiter Inlet treasure worth 'more than gold'

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - "It's actually like Christmas opening this up." Captain Dominic Addario is like a little kid on Christmas morning. "There's never been one found in South Florida to our knowledge."

In fact, there are only 100 that have been found in the entire world. He found this one right off the Jupiter Inlet.

"You can definitely see it was worked and carved."

It's called a Kame Glacial gorget. It's a bead from a necklace. This one was probably covered in mother of pearl at some point, but it has worn away since this artifact is up to 10,000 years old.

"Nobody thought you could find these here and how it got here is still a mystery."

The gorget was found where Captain Dom found a shipwreck 24 years ago. Since then, he has pulled up gold bars, coins and other items. But this discovery is the most special for him.

"Some people might think the gold bars I found are pretty special but for me, this one takes the cake."

Captain Dom says that his crew has probably swam over this artifact a hundred times. They didn't notice it since they were looking for items from the shipwreck from the 1660's. But this discovery means he will also be looking for items a lot older than that.

"If this goes back three to ten thousand years, it means there might be more significant artifacts out there we need to take a closer look at."

This find could rewrite the history books, possibly proving Native Americans had trading routes all the way to South Florida a lot earlier than anyone expected.

For Captain Dom, he's hooked and can't wait to get back into the water to uncover more of this mystery.

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