Bulletproof Backpacks

By Ric Blackwell - bio | email

(WFLX) - It's a new twist on the standard backpack. At first glance, it appears well constructed -- light with plenty of pockets -- however, it's not your common everyday backpack. It can actually stop a bullet.

Two fathers from Massachusetts started the company 'Bullet Blockers'.

And, after terrifying scenes played out at several schools across the country, including Columbine and Virginia Tech, worried parents say the bulletproof backpack may be next on their back-to-school shopping list.

"Anything that we might be able to purchase that could possibly protect our kids in a situation like that is definitely good to have," said one parent.

But does the bullet-proof backpack really work? Certified firearm instructor Will Abbott puts it to the test.

The first shot comes from a 44-caliber revolver; it's the largest type of bullet the manufacturer claims the bag can stop.

And the results? "We had some blunt trauma," said Abbott.

That blunt trauma ripped the target's shirt; however, it could've shattered a rib and caused massive bruising. The backpack did stop the bullet.

More than 30 bullets are shot into the bag, but none penetrate the dummy.

The price of protection isn't cheap. It costs about $250; that's about five times as much as a regular, heavy-duty pack.

But, when you see what it does to normal bag. "[It] pretty much destroyed and did nothing to stop the bullet. [It] maybe slow it down a little," said Abbot.

"I think, as much as you have invested in your children and as much as you love them, it's a pretty good investment for parents because, if you're gonna carry a book bag, why not carry one that stops bullets, in addition to carrying books?"

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