The Baby Crying App

Have a baby? There's an app for that!

Being a new parent can be overwhelming with the sleep deprivation, the diapers and the biggest challenge.. trying to figure out why your baby is crying! And then, how to stop the crying!

Could your iPhone save the day? There is an app that may be a God-send for moms and dads.

7-month-old Hanna Freeman's mother states that "There were times when she was a newborn that I was desperate to figure out why she was crying."

Enter the cry translator, one of the latest iPhone apps. Makers claim the app analyzes the pitch and volume of your baby's cries. Within seconds, the translator gives you one of five reasons why your baby is crying: Annoyed, bored, hungry, sleepy or stressed.

It took researchers years to fine tune the app. They say that it is right 96 percent of the time.

We showed the app to social worker and parenting expert Janice Sisk. Her initial reaction was "It's a little gimmicky. Do we need to give the baby an app for the parents so they can understand because what they're really learning to do here is to communicate."

Sisk says what's more important is parents establishing real bonds with the child. "There's not an app for knowing when the child is really sick, or in pain and needs medical attention."

But the cry translator takes it a step further, offering parents suggestions on how to get baby to stop crying.

"I don't think you can replace common sense with an application on your iPhone."

For the Freemans.. nothing beats a mother's love. "Is she crying because she's hungry, is she crying because she's tired? Take those into consideration and if all else fails, we'll just snuggle."

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