Vero Beach family alarmed by window knocker

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - It's enough to give any parent chills. A local mom is desperate to know-- who is knocking on her little girl's window in the middle of the night?

"I'm afraid that they're going to take one of my children, kill one of my children or rape one of my children." Jodie Hampton is scared. She has a 5-year-old girl, Andie and a 4-year-old boy, Braedon.

Up until the last few weeks, she says her kids didn't have to worry about much. But now, she says mysterious knocking on Andie's window has changed everything.

"I don't feel safe in my own home. Short of sitting in my daughter's room waiting every night for this person to come back, what am I supposed to do?"

This mom says it all started at the end of last month. Late at night, her husband heard someone knocking on Andie's window. Then very early Tuesday morning, just after midnight, she says the creepy sounds were back.

"Sounded like someone kicked a ball against the window twice."

They called 911. Investigators with the Indian River County Sheriffs tells us they came across an eerie sight here outside the window.

"They came out, saw footprints at our window, saw footprints leading out to the back road."

Her children are now staying with family. "Not here. Not now. If they're in here, I can't go to sleep. I'm petrified something is going to happen."

She's not sure who it could be. And detectives tell us they haven't arrested anyone.

"You cant just pick up and move every time something happens."

This mom has a message for whoever is doing this. "If you haven't already crossed the line, go get help before you do something that you can't change."

She says she came forward to talk to us because she'd do anything to keep her kids safe. "You could steal my car, burn down my house, I don't care. Just don't touch my babies."

If you live in Vero Lake Estates and have seen anything suspicious or know anything that could help investigators, Call the Indian River County Sheriff's office at 772-978-6189.

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