Search for Palm Beach County serial rapist continues

(WFLX) - "It makes you want to lock your doors at night and call police if you hear the slightest noise. It is scary."

"Yes it is, you have to watch your back these days."

These women in Palm Springs can't believe the serial rapist is now linked to a 4th rape. This time right here in their community.

Police tell us that DNA found on the 4th victim connects the suspect to the attack. America's Most Wanted featured the chilling Palm Beach County crime spree on national television Saturday.

The suspect enters the house through the front door, takes a piece of glass, wraps it in his hand, proceeds to rape the victim and goes out the front door the same way he came in.

Tiffany, a young mom says she saw the episode and was glued to the TV. She couldn't believe her eyes.

The U.S. Marshal service says that with this Palm Springs case, the serial rapist went after his victim inside her home making it different than the other three cases. That is putting local women on edge.

With this newest development, some don't feel at ease in their own homes. To stay safe, they're locking up. "Always, always make sure the windows are locked and always make sure the doors are locked."

The first attack happened last April in Jupiter. The next was this newly linked case in Palm Springs. It happened last July. Then last August, a 53-year-old woman was brutally raped and later died. The last known attack happened in January in Lake Worth.

These women worry its only a matter of time before he strikes again.

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