No complaints from America's 'funemployed'

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

ATLANTA, GA (WFLX) - America's uphill battle against unemployment includes long lines, resume writing and paperwork. But, there's a new mood among some of the jobless, and it's a happy one.

"It's just me and him. I love waking up and it's just: What am I going to create today, what am I going to do today? I have so many opportunities."

Opportunities Christy Annis thought she would never find. After losing her job as a lawyer more than a year ago, Annis is now a member of the self-proclaimed 'funemployed.' It's a social movement of people who are jobless, but joyful.

This aspiring jewelry-maker uses her time and profits to help Atlanta's homeless find work and a place to live. "There are so many people doing so many things, and the Internet and blogs and Twitter and Facebook is very powerful and it's so easy for people to get information and to find people doing things. You can do anything you want right now."

Patti Davis also turned the loss of a job into a positive experience. "I feel incredible, things could not be better. I just never envisioned this life for myself."

The former executive assistant is now a dinner party diva. Her social activities have evolved into a 'how to' blog for hosts and guests. Although she isn't making money, she says it's better than spending long days in a cubicle.

"I'm not rich, but I'm incredibly fortunate."

Earning a steady paycheck will likely be a priority, but for now, being "fun-employed" in a tough job market isn't so bad.

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