Rumors of recall swirl around the iPhone 4

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - Recall rumors are racing over the controversial iPhone 4. The problem with the new iPhone? Dropped calls.

Apple says it's a simple software fix, but Consumer Reports is ratcheting up pressure for an expensive recall saying the problem is actually a hardware problem.

If Apple issues a recall it could cost them a whopping one and a half billion dollars. That's why some say it's more likely that Apple will just give iPhone 4 users a rubber case to cover the external antenna to solve the reception problem.

Consumer reports says they can't recommend anyone to buy the phone until Apple does something.

"We purchased three phones with three separate retailers and all three iPhone 4's dropped when you touched them that way."

"I think it's poorly planned. It's a rush to bring a product to market and I think they probably knew about it."

Apple is not hinting if there will or will not be a recall at this moment.

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