Police say man tossed baby out of car

Posted by Sheli Muniz - email

DELRAY BEACH (WFLX) - Delray Beach Police say a reckless driver on Southwest 6th Street threw a baby out of the car.

Police say Curtis Johnson tossed the baby out of the car.

The child's grandmother, Felicia Johnson, had the toddler with her as he drove. "The baby is fine," said Felicia. "Only thing injured is my son."

A neighbor said, "He opened the door. He was like, 'Hey, hey, hey, get my niece for me. Get my niece for me.'" She says Johnson grabbed the girl at her arm pit and handed her over.

The police report says the driver's side door flung open while the car was going 10 miles per hour. The suspect let go of the baby, and as the baby was falling towards the ground, the female was able to grab her.

Felicia Johnson said, "He was scared because he knew what they were going to do to him, and he was trying to make sure his niece was safe."

With the child out of the car, officers followed Johnson eventually onto I-95 where, at time, speeds were very high. Police say they had to box Johnson in before he ultimately rammed a police car.

"His whole left eye is closed. It can't even open," said Ms. Johnson.

A Delray police spokesman says officers had to use force to remove Johnson from his car. The spokesman says Johnson got his injury hitting the pavement.

"I'm not one of them parents just gonna stand by and let them beat my son like they did 'cause it's not fair and it's not right," said the suspect's grandmother.

Curtis Johnson made his first court appearance Friday. The judge set Johnson's bail at $45,000.

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