PSL Veteran beaten, fighting for life

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - A local Vietnam veteran is now in a battle for his life. He was severely beaten over the $13 in his wallet.

Investigators say 66-year-old Leonard McGuire was attacked and left for dead while he was walking in Port St. Lucie at 4 in the morning Saturday. Friends say he would start his walk early to avoid the heat.

He was attacked on Port St. Lucie Boulevard, just blocks from his home. "He was left out there like an animal you don't do that to people," said one of McGuire's neighbors.

McGuire's attacker left a critical clue at the crime scene that helped police track down their suspect. They found a bloody fingerprint on the wallet. They say it matched 24-year-old Brandon Current.

Officers arrested Current at his home in Fort Pierce.

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