Murdered businessman's body found on remote tracks

A man was found dead beside railroad tracks near Jupiter, not too far from the Pratt-Whitney testing facility off Beeline Highway.

Sheriff's deputies say he was shot to death-- but who pulled the trigger remains a mystery.

"I'm not too surprised that something like this happened. He seems like he makes enemies pretty fast," said Stephanie Buck, the victim's neighbor.

Stephanie Buck lives right across the street from Robert Geragi, a man who was found shot to death Tuesday morning.

"He was always on his phone yelling constantly, so I feel that maybe something bad happened and it caught up to him."

Buck lives in the same gated community as Geragi. Jupiter Key, an exclusive neighborhood of expensive homes, is just steps from the ocean. A little bit of paradise.

Geragi lived in a $800,000 home, and although Geragi seemed to have it made, it appears he had his share of financial troubles as well.

His vehicle, a black Hummer SUV, was found miles away, in a parking lot near the Square Grouper, a restaurant and bar in Jupiter.

How Geragi ended up dead in the middle of nowhere is anyone's guess. But a few hours before his body was found his wife called Jupiter Police to report him missing.

Her call to police was at 12:30 a.m., just after midnight on Tuesday.

Then about 7 hours later, Tuesday morning Geragi, 61,  was found murdered on the railroad tracks near the Beeline Highway.

"I'm shocked to hear that 'cause Bob you know, I've known him for several years. He seemed to be a very nice fellow. Very personable. Quiet," said Al Levesque, neighbor.

Geragi was a prominent businessman in Palm Beach County who had gone through some financial troubles.

He retired from the commercial vegetable farming business. Records show he was being sued by Chase Bank for an outstanding debt. And a condo and home he owned were in foreclosure.