Diver dies while filming for 'National Geographic' off Boynton Inlet

Posted by Sheli Muniz - email

BOYNTON BEACH (WFLX) - A scuba diver has died while filming locally for National Geographic.

Wesley Skiles of High Springs was diving several miles from the Boynton Beach Inlet Wednesday afternoon when he motioned to his group he was coming up to replace film.

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office says one of the other divers saw him making his way to the surface, but continued working and did not maintain a visual of Mr. Skiles.

When the divers came up after several minutes, they found Skiles' motionless body lying at the bottom of the ocean floor near the reef. 

The divers quickly took hold of Skiles and rushed him to the surface. On their way to the marina, CPR was immediately administered.

Mr. Skiles was transported to St Mary's Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.  

At this time, the cause of death is not known.

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