'So You Think You Can Dance' curse is real

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - The 'So You Think You Can Dance' curse is real and not even the executive producer can ignore three dancers hurt in three weeks. "Something is going on here and we're bringing in someone from the outside to tell us what to do, maybe with warm ups or something."

But there are some who are not blaming the lack of stretching and warming up. Critics say it could be the new format. In years past, there were 20 finalists. This year, only 11. That means more performances and more punishing practices for the dancers.

"We are so tired and it's so hard on us emotionally." Billy Bell spoke to us on the phone this week before his knee injury was made public. He's obviously worn out and described marathon-like rehearsals. "The group day, the day we do the group routine is a 10 hour rehearsal which is like crazy. I've never had a rehearsal like that in my entire life."

But despite the risks, Billy says he's enjoying every minute of this wild ride. Even though this season is more punishing than in year's past. "It's totally a different world than any other dance world."

Last week, Ashley Galvan was sent packing after breaking her rib. She says it was from being thrown into the air so many times by multiple dance partners.

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