Boat theft in Lake Worth storage facility

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Right now, Tim Beyer doesn't know where his Yamaha jet boat could be. He had been storing it at the U-Store It facility on Lantana Road in suburban Lake Worth for about a year, but now all he has left are memories, the keys, and pieces of busted pad and trailer hitch locks.

"I was just shocked. You pay a month due, you think you place is secure. They have cameras and all that stuff. Meanwhile your twenty-five thousand dollar boat goes missing over night and nobody calls you."

Beyer says the last time he stored his boat was July 4th. He didn't find out it was stolen until he got a letter from U-Store It management, dated July 20th. In it, U-Store It says it's improving security, spending two hundred thousand dollars on improved cameras and lighting, more fencing, and a key pad controlled gate. The letter also asked customers to clear the lot, so when Tim went to go move his boat, he found someone already had.

"I can't believe it. It's a twenty-one foot boat. It's just gone."

We went to the front office to ask about other break-ins and thefts at the business. The manager wouldn't go on camera, but told us it's been a problem for a long time. She also told us that customers are free to come and go with their boats as they please, so it's hard for U-Store It management to tell when a theft occurs.

They don't know exactly when Beyer's boat was taken. In the mean time, Tim Beyer is warning other customers about what happened to him and his boat. He says the storage facility won't but customers deserve to know.

Store it at your own risk.

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