Jupiter man murdered with mother on phone

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

BALTIMORE, MD ( WFLX) - One moment, 23-year-old Stephen Pitcairns is talking to his mother on the phone. The next, he's begging for his life. The dreams of this aspiring doctor killed in a senseless violent robbery in Baltimore. His mother, in Jupiter, heard it all.

"She heard people screaming to him to give them his money and he said 'Here, I don't have cash. Take my wallet.' She heard him begging to not hurt him and screaming in pain." Pitcairns sisters talked to us by phone. They tell us their mother listened to the attack for five minutes. Then, the phone went dead. She then called 911.

Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, a stranger found Stephen dying. He wants to remain anonymous. "I didn't want him to die alone and that's why I stayed there and held his hand and told him it was going to be ok. He just couldn't hang in there."

Stephen died from a stab wound to the chest. He spent his last weekend with his younger sisters in New York to celebrate his 24th birthday. Monday, police arrested John Wrangler and Lavelva Merritt, both from Baltimore both with long criminal histories. This is only a small relief for Stephen's family who is still coming to terms with the fact Stephen was never given the chance to fulfill his dreams.

"He said that his biggest ambition was to give back to the community by being a physician," said Emily Pitcairns, Stephen's sister.

Stephen's employer, Johns Hopkins, says he was doing promising research on breast cancer and was promoted earlier this month. He was very well-liked and regarded among his colleagues.

In Jupiter, he was a grad from The Benjamin School. Not only was successful in the classroom, but he was also on the track and field team.

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