Firefighter may be in trouble for video of dog shooting

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

 ST. LUCIE COUNTY(WFLX)---St. Lucie County Fire officials are considering disciplinary action against
a paramedic who recorded a dog being shot on his personal cell phone.

It all happened Monday when officers responded to a 911 call at a duplex on 16th street. The pit bull bit two people and was terrorizing several others according to neighbors.

An animal control officer tried to subdue the dog with a stun gun, but it didn't work.  That's when a Ft Pierce police officer shot the animal with a shot gun after it charged at him.
Calvin Jerome Hodge and another woman had to go to the hospital after the pit bull attacked them.

Calvin Jerome Hodge, who was attacked by the pit bull said, "the dog was chasing her, I got him off of her..he was after me..all on me."
Ft. Pierce police are commending the officer who shot the dog.

St Lucie County fire officials are considering disciplinary action against the paramedic who recorded the incident, because he used his personal cell phone which is against department policy.