Daytona granny bites bandit

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Daytona Beach granny fighting "tooth and nail" to protect her purse.

Seventy-three year-old Pat Robertson was attacked by two bandits while she was sitting in her car at a gas station. Police say 33-year-old Michael Foster grabbed her purse while inside a vehicle with his girlfriend at the wheel.

One man witnessed it all. "He had grabbed the lady's purse but she started struggling."

"I figured the only defense was not to let go but to bite him. So, I just went down and I bit him!" says Robertson.

The thieves got away, but not for long. A good samaritan followed the couple and called 911.

Pat says despite the bruises on her arm, she would do it all again to keep her purse.

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