Body scanners coming to PBIA

WEST PALM BEACH - Full body scanners are coming to Palm Beach International airport -- the ones that allow federal officials to look underneath your clothing electronically.

The Department of Homeland Security announcing PBIA is one of 28 airports across the country slated to get full-body scanning machines.  Airports in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami, already have the scanners.

The machines produce a black and white image of a passenger's naked body.  Security screeners then view the images from a remote room, images which are immediately deleted and never printed.  The scanners can detect  things a metal detector may not catch.
Passengers we spoke to at PBIA have mixed reactions.

The scanners were approved to be used here last year, but PBIA was not on TSA's list to receive them and no money was set aside to bring them here.  Officials say they haven't determined exactly when PBIA will get the scanners.