Dinnertime rivals: Take-out vs. pre-made

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - When it comes to take-out, restaurants have a new rival: Supermarkets are eating up a share of the market for convenient, ready-to-eat meals.

Dinnertime can pose an interesting dilemma for Americans looking to save time. But Americans still crave the comforts of the family table.

The problem is we don't let preparing the food. Therefore, consumers are increasingly turning to the supermarket for their take-out needs -- stopping in and taking out fully-prepared dinners.

It's true that fast food -- hamburger, chicken, Mexican and pizza places -- still dominate the take-home market. But, increasingly we're seeing a greater share of that take-home business coming from supermarkets.

A new survey from NPD finds grocery stores edge out quick-serve restaurants in terms of convenient location, pricing, variety and especially healthy choices.

When there's foods that we crave, quick-service restaurants get the nod. But when you're looking for a variety of foods, or healthier options, supermarkets get the nod. And wherever you pick up your dinner, you'll avoid things like tips, extra beverages, and time trying to decide where to dine, making those take-out meals a hot spot in a lukewarm economy.

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