Doctors save spear gun teen

Spear gun x-ray
Spear gun x-ray

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

 WEST PALM BEACH(WFLX)--- Doctors say Connor McKee is very lucky to be alive after being struck by a spear gun Tuesday.

An X-Ray photo shows just how far that spear penetrated his chest. Doctors say it went in about 12 inches. Doctors had to make a 24 inch incision just to get the spear free.

It came within 7 millimeters to the Carotid Artery.

St. Mary's Trauma Surgeon Ahmed Elhaddad, MD said, "a few more millimeters, he wouldn't be here. It was very close to a lot of structures. The worst of which was through his lungs and that itself, if it was not handled in a timely fashion could have led to his demise."

McKee still has quite a bit of recovery to go through at St. Mary's Medical Center. No word on when he will be released, but doctors do expect him to make a full recovery.