Mangonia sign ban update

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

MANGONIA PARK(WFLX)---What happened to a local town's new ban on hand-held signs?

From what our cameras captured Friday you'd never know the Mangonia Park town council just passed a ban on hand-held commercial signs along our roads.

The ordinance approved earlier this month was to take effect immediately, however, the town manager says businesses are in a "grace" period now and have yet to be officially notified about the ordinance.

One sign holder appeared to have found a way around the new measure.

Sign holder Vince Bacca said, "These are like shirts, they're not like the signs that you hold.  So this is like a shirt and not a sign?  Right."

Town manager Lee Leffingwell said, "I call it his sign suit.  And it's very creative.  But it still falls under the ordinance."

After town staff meets with businesses starting next week enforcement will begin.