Dogs left in hot car returned to owner

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

BOCA RATON(WFLX)---A local woman was cited for animal cruelty and she hopes her story is a big wake up call for every dog owner.

Police say it wasn't just 5 minutes that two dogs were left in her car. According to investigators it was more than an hour. Vets say when they rescued the 11 year old husky and an 8 year old yorkie their temperatures were more than 103 degrees.

Their owner says she's sorry and heartbroken.

Owner said, "you have no idea how hot they get. How fast it happens and what can happen to the dogs. You just don't know and don't ever do it. You have no clue."

Investigators say she was shopping at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton Friday afternoon.

She says she was there to buy a cell phone. She says getting one was a big deal she needed it badly and time got away from her.

Owner said, "nothing was more of an emergency as leaving my two little guys in a car that heated up a million times more than I though that it ever would and a million times faster than it ever would."

Tough words from workers at the Tri County Humane Society where the dogs spent the night. They say there's no excuse for what happened.

Tri County Humane Society employee said, "Absolutely not if you're getting out of your vehicle you either take the dogs with you or leave them home."

And Saturday, the dogs reunited with their owner who says she's made a mistake and hopes that people learn from what police say she did wrong. The close call is hitting her hard.

Owner said, "I was hysterical. There's no other way to say it. I was absolutely hysterical."

Until she's convicted of anything she can keep the dogs.

For this case, it's just an animal cruelty citation, but the fines could run up to $10,000 for the dog's owner.

She's expected in court court at the end of next month..