Police impersonator rapes & robs Tampa woman

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

TAMPA, FL (WFLX) - Police say he posed as a cop to pull a woman over and then raped and robbed her.

Police say 31-year-Luis Harris used a laser to pull the woman's car over in Tampa. Then, he handcuffed her and drove her to an ATM. Police say he forced her to take cash out; then, he eventually raped her in the backseat.

Harris is charged with sexual battery, kidnapping, falsely impersonating a police officer and identity theft.

"He identified himself as a narcotics detective and displayed to them what appeared to be a firearm, and they ran for safety reasons and called 911," said Donny Peters, Tampa Police Department.

After the incident, officers were able to track Harris down a dead end road after ditching his car. They say they found him on the roof of a nearby building.

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