Palm Beach lifeguards on chopping block

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

 PALM BEACH(WFLX)---Residents and Tourists who swim off Palm Beach could soon be on their own.

The Palm Beach Town Council is considering a proposal to do away with the beach's lifeguards to cut about $900,000 from the budget. About a half million people use the town's beaches each year. Ten fulltime lifeguards watch over swimmers at two separate beaches.

Palm Beach Ocean Rescue's Supervisor says they've rescued 36 swimmers this year so far. Without lifeguards, he says some of those people would have died. 

Palm Beach Ocean Rescue Mark Hassell said, "more than likely there just wont be any warnings at all and it will literally be every man for himself."

The Palm Beach Town Council could vote as early as August 12 on whether to cut the lifeguard program, but the public will have an opportunity to speak before they make their decision.