Care-e-On allows wife to ride along with disable husband

(WFLX) - Judi Chapman was having trouble keeping up with her husband while he motored around in his wheelchair after an accident left him disabled. So she came up with a new invention that's changed their lives and could help out others, too.

"We have to come up with something better," recalled Judi after a day of shopping at the mall. "If you want me to stay with you, we have to come up with something better."

Judi then started with a simple set of plans: A platform that would allow her to ride along with her husband. After some trial and error, she came up with what she calls the 'Care E On': It's not throwing you around, and when you want to get somewhere fast, we go!"

Holding up to 500 pounds, the Care E On flips into place and doesn't compromise her husband's maneuverability. "We can carry on a conversation and go down the street -- mall, do whatever -- and I've got someone right there."

"My quality of life just hit the roof when she came up with the idea," said Judi's husband.

The Chapmans have a patent pending on the device and are hoping their invention will change other people's lives making them more active and bringing them closer together.

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