Horse kicks back a beer before big race

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK (WFLX) - A horse trainer in New York state has an unusual way of prepping for a big race. He adds beer to the horse's food.

Feed is usually a mixture of oats, bran and vitamins, but why add the beer?

According to trainer Derek Ryan, it makes the feed taste better! He just takes a bottle of Guiness, pours it in to the feed, and mixes it up.

This way he can guarantee his horse will eat and be perfectly prepped for the race.

But why Guiness? "The cheap stuff doesn't work. The cheap stuff will give them a hangover! There's a lot of yeast in it which is very good for horses. A guiness a day, they say, is very healthy. It keeps them on their appetite," explained Ryan.

Ryan says this is not a new concept. It actually goes back to the days of training horses in Ireland.

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