More information known about 2-year-old wandering boy

Strogoff Prevot Jr.
Strogoff Prevot Jr.

Posted by Sheli Muniz -email

 BOYNTON BEACH(WFLX)--- More than four hours after he was found wandering in a neighborhood, both parents of 2-year-old Strogoff Prevot Jr. showed up at the police station to retrieve him.

This is after a driver called police around 5p.m. to report a boy wandering in the middle of Hypoluxo Road at Paxford Lane in the area north of Boynton Lakes.

The boy was wearing only blue jeans. He did not know his name.

We now know what exactly happened. Boynton Beach detectives say the little boy is usually watched by his maternal grandmother. That night, she spent most of the day running errands with Prevot Jr. Just after 4p.m. she left him with his teenage aunts at their home while she went to visit her son in West Palm Beach.

The aunts fell asleep while watching the child and when they awoke, they assumed the boy was sleeping as well.

Around 8:45 p.m., a third aunt arrived home from work and asked the teens where their nephew was. When they couldn't find him, they called their mother (the boy's grandmother) who said Prevot Jr. was not with her. They then called 911.

Prevot Jr. was temporarily released to his father's custody.

This is still under investigation and charges, if any, will be determined once the case is closed.