No Layoffs for Palm Beach Lifeguards

Posted by Paige Bresky -email

PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) --- The Palm Beach town council, Thursday afternoon, decided not to eliminate lifeguards at the town's beaches, at least for now.

The council voted to ask the town manager to go back and look for other ways to cut the budget without having to layoff the lifeguards.

There was a full house at the meeting this afternoon, and a number of residents urged the council to keep the lifeguards in the town of Palm Beach.

The town was considering eliminating all 10 of its beach lifeguards, as a way of saving the town about $650,000 a year.

Palm Beach resident Lisa Rowan says, "I do think the lifeguards are necessary. I've been living there for over 17 years. And I think there are other ways to get revenue instead of cutting out that service."

Another resident, Minnie McCluskey says, "we're so blessed to have this beach right up here and the fact that everyone can share it, its just amazing...the fact that, you know, we have this and we're thinking about taking away lifeguards? Its shocking to me!"

One council member told the crowd he fears that if they eliminate lifeguards, there will definitely be drownings and people will die.

So as a result of Thursday's action, the town manager will look for other ways to cut the budget and he'll present those to the town council at their next meeting September 13. At least for now, the lifeguards will not be laid off.

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