Boca grad killed by on-duty, intoxicated officer

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Boynton Beach family of a motorcyclist killed by a drunk officer, believes there's a major cover up with the investigation.

"Something is seriously wrong. Someone knows something. It smells of cover up," said Ryan Wells. His brother was killed by an intoxicated, on-duty cop driving his patrol car.

The accident killed Boca High graduate Eric Wells in Indianapolis. The police department there is getting a lot of heat for the crash, the intoxicated cop and their internal investigation.

The Florida family first learned their loved one was in an accident. Then, they learned he was hit and killed by an officer in a patrol car. Then, they learned that officer was using his lights and sirens to respond to something that really wasn't an emergency.

But that's just the beginning. "You have three motorcycles, broad daylight, clear lane -- How do you plow into people like that?" asked Ryan.

The Indianapolis officer who hit him, David Bisard, was two and a half times the legal limit. "Someone knew that guy was drinking that much whether it be his family or unit superiors."

Indianapolis Police are now investigating one of their own, and the Wells have a problem with that. "If they are not willing to hand it to an outside authority -- make it transparent, unbiased, accountable -- something's not right there," said Ryan.

Ryan believes, by the number of e-mails he's getting and the Internet comments, people in Indianapolis are losing faith in their police force. He wants you to know his brother's wife was a Boca Raton police officer, so this is not about civilian versus uniform. "We don't hate cops. We want them, just like anybody, to be held accountable," Ryan assured.

Ryan says his brother loved people, motorcycles and helping others. He wants him to be remembered that way. "Had that officer not stepped into his car, he'd be getting ready for a bike run for kids. He was nothing short of amazing," he concluded.

The other two motorcyclists are still in the hospital recovering; Officer Bisard is on paid leave.

Eric Wells will be laid to rest in Florida Tuesday.

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