Wal-Mart not welcome in Village by the Sea

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - In Delray Beach, dozens of people showed up Monday to protest a proposed Wal-Mart. Some residents of Village by the Sea even wrote a 'Wal-Mart Go Away' song.

The Wal-Mart would be built on the old Ralph's Buick lot, South of Linton Boulevard on US 1. Right now, only another car lot could move in. Wal-Mart requested the zoning be change to clear the way for any big box retail store.

The area has several car dealerships now, but it's also close to several large neighborhoods. "This rezoning, if approved, would enable Wal-Mart to build a store only 113 feet from my front door," said one resident.

Not everyone who showed up to the meeting was opposed to the Wal-Mart. Representatives from the retailer showed up to argue for the store. They say it is consistent with the future master plan for the community; however, it wasn't enough to convince the dozens opposed to the store.

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