Video games allows players to kill US soldiers

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - It's highly anticipated video game because it's hailed as very realistic, but, some say, that realism crosses a line when players can kill U.S. soldiers.

Karen Meredith is getting hit with a lot of hate mail, and it's all because she's taking a stand against the game.

Electronic Arts' newest combat shooter game has the blood and gore you would expect, but what's upset Meredith is how the game lets players take on the role of the Taliban in contemporary Afghanistan with the object of killing American Troops.

For Meredith that scenario is all too familiar. In 2004, she lost her son, Lt. Ken Ballard, in real combat in Iraq. "My son did not get to 'start over' and see if he had a different outcome when he was killed," said Meredith. "Neither did all of the people in Falujah. I don't see how people can think this is ok. I'm so disappointed at electronic arts."

Electronic Arts did not respond to our e-mail about the game, but, in published statements, the Redwood Shores Company compared this to cops and robbers games. "Medal of Honor is a multi-player game, and someone has to be the Taliban."

"Playing a terrorist and shooting a soldier, who wants that?" said gamer Muktak Maheshwari.

He and another gamer, Mufaro Zakers, say they're uncomfortable with the idea of playing a war game while the actual war is still happening. "One side says, we do have the freedom to play this game," Zakers commented. "The other side says, we do have that freedom, but we also have to take into account who are we going to affect with this game?"

But for some, the game is highly anticipated.

Veteran soldiers participated in its creation, and it is said to be very authentic; however, Meredith says, she's hearing from those gamers now who are afraid the game could be pulled. "I've been getting so much hate mail from gamers who think that I should back off. 'Who cares about your son? It's just a game.' But for us, war is not a game," she concluded.

Medal of Honor is due to hit store shelves in October.

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