Doggie bags being replaced with doggie dining

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - Already, Vero and Stuart allow you to dine in outside areas of restaurants with your pooch. Now, Palm Beach Gardens is considering an ordinance that would allow you to dine with your dogs, as well.

The topic of dogs and dining, however, brings up some health and safety concerns. There are a number of regulations that go along with this.

The state did pass a law a few years ago allowing outside doggie dining, but, right now, it's being regulated and enforced at the state level.

Palm Beach Gardens officials want to monitor it locally saying if it's being done, they want to make sure it's done right for health and safety reasons.

Here are some of those regulations that restaurants would have to follow if they want to allow outside doggie dining:

  1. They would need a permit which costs $175 a year.
  2. Proper signage posted for employees and customers that dogs can't go inside restaurants.
  3. Dogs aren't allowed contact with dishes or glassware nor can they get on chairs or tables.

One dog-owner says, "I think, it's a great idea 'cause, if you're coming from the beach, whatever, it's Florida. You can have your dog with you when you're eating, instead of dropping them off at home, wasting gas and all that other stuff."

The Palm Beach Garden's city council could approve this Thursday night, but it would not be official until the second reading scheduled for next month.

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