Calorie saver: Slurpee vs. soda

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Frozen drinks are a treat, but at what cost? Do these treats pack on more calories than a regular soda?

"A 16 ounce Slurpee that's Pepsi is going to give you about 110 calories and a 16 ounce regular Pepsi is going to be about 200 calories. So you're going to save about half the calories by getting a frozen concoction like the Slurpee instead of just reaching for a bottle of Pepsi," said Christine Eagle, a nutritionist at Beaumont Hospital.

But what about a different flavor? "A 16 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew is going to give you about 220 calories where a 16 ounce Slurpee Mountain Dew is going to give you about 120 calories."

However, Christine says, we need to stay away from the sugar-filled drinks frozen or not! And rehydrate with water, but if want a frozen treat, make your own! "Get regular fruit juice - a 100 percent fruit juice - and you would make almost a slush or a gelatin, so you would go ahead and put it in a pan and freeze it, and every half hour, rake it with a fork, and it will get slushy. Then, you can go ahead and pour it into a cup."