Nail salon charged overweight customer extra

Michelle Fonville
Michelle Fonville

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DEKALB, GA (WFLX) - A Georgia woman says she was forced to pay more to have her nails done because she's fat.

Michelle Fonville went to a local nail salon last week for a manicure and pedicure, but when she got the bill, she noticed she'd been hit for an extra $5. The owner of the salon said it was because Fonville is obese and she could've broken the salon chairs.

"[I] was humiliated. I almost cried," described Fonville. "I turned my face, to just you know, because tears were forming in my eyes. I said, 'Ma'am you can't charge me $5. That's discrimination. You can't discriminate against me because of my weight."'

The salon owner says the chair is made to support only 200 pounds, and it costs $2,500 to repair if it breaks.

She gave Fonville her money back, but asked that she not return.

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