PSL Mayor's Email Leaked

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX)---Here's the email CBS 12 obtained today following the arrest of Mayor Patricia Christensen's son Erik.  We have confirmed with the city's spokesperson that is legitimate.

Subject: Important Message from Patricia Christensen

Although what I write to you about would normally be a private issue for the average family, my position as Mayor makes anything that I or my family do a public issue. I am writing this email to my friends and associates so you get the true story and not the biased, slanderous version that will come out on the news and will make the paper tomorrow.

My son, Erik was arrested and charged with providing alcohol to someone under the age of 21 on Friday. He turned himself in and bonded out yesterday. In addition to this, Erik has been grounded and sentenced to hard labor since we became aware of the event over three plus weeks ago, by Frans and me. We have taken this very seriously and Erik will pay dearly for his actions.

As we know the facts, Erik made the mistake of allowing  a friend and a girl  to drink in addition to himself in our home while we were away. The girl became highly intoxicated. All involved were too young to be drinking.

Erik met the girl a few days earlier.  She told Erik she was older than she really was, and turned out to be only 15. After Erik took her home that evening,  the girl and her mother  accused Erik of rape. Of course he didn't do anything and denied the allegation. The good news, after a full investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement over the past three plus weeks, the case was closed with no wrong doing by Erik determined. But he is going to pay the price for the alcohol charge.

We still can't talk about  many of the other details because God knows the PSL Police Department, who decided to press charges against Erik on the alcohol incident, would love to find a way to reopen the case. They want blood, MY BLOOD, because the Unions aren't getting their way and are upset about getting pay cuts and increases to their health benefits not to mention there are still some lay offs to take place among the rank and file.

Although surprisingly or not, some of the information about this case was leaked out during the investigation over the past few weeks from the police department and two Mayoral candidates  Faiella and Edge, who are also both highly supported by the police, have been spreading sickening rumors about our family. Faiella was heard at a restaurant saying Frans raped a 15 year old and was being arrested. Edge is running around saying my son is being charged with statutory rape and going to jail for a long time, and then I am going to jail for stealing 3 million dollars of your tax money. There are two otherrs candidates, Haugh and Martin, also police supported that are part of this group.

If you haven't voted, please don't vote for these people. If you have voted, hopefully you chose some of the other candidates. If you want a recommendation on who to vote for, let me know. But if the wrong people get elected we will all pay the price while these people ruin what has been created for everyone over the past 10 years.

Finally,  keep my family in your prayers. It's been a grueling time for all of us and we have been in living hell while Erik has had friends wear wires to try to entrap him  in our own home, cars following us around the city, police park outside our home and then  anonymous harassment via email and phone calls. I can only imagine what my last few months on the City Council will be like while we work to resolve the budget problems and deal with the Unions.

Thanks for your friendship and understanding.

Patricia Christensen