License of day care where 2-year-old was found dead may be revoked

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- In a four page letter, the Palm Beach County Health Department outlined "serious violations" that warrant Katie's Kids Learning Center's license to be revoked.

2-year-old Haile Brockington was found dead in the back of the day care center's van August 5 after authorities say she was left there for 6 hours in the heat after apparently being forgotten.

The driver of that van, Amanda Lee Inman, was arrested and several other employees were fired after the shocking find.

Among the most serious claims made by the Health Department:

The driver marked the child off a sign-out log that indicated Haile had gotten out of the van.

The driver did not conduct a physical inspection of the van before getting out of it.

The driver signed off on a task check-list which indicated she had done both of these prior items, even though she didn't.

The Director of the facility also did not perform a secondary inspection although she indicated on the log that she had done it.

Haile's Uncle, Darryl Bridgett, says more arrests should be made.

"I think both people who lied should be prosecuted, plus the person who owned the facility because she had to make sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to do," he said.

Betty Resch, the attorney for owner Kathryn Muhammad issued this statement:

"This is not unexpected. Its part of the process, and quite frankly we welcome it. This gives us a venue to explain to the world the procedures that were in place and to give a better idea of how Katie's Kids works. This gives us a chance to put our story out there."

The revocation of the license to operate would be for the Delray Beach location only. Katie's Kids has 15 days to appeal.