Man Caught With 120 Turtle Eggs Charged with Felony and Misdemeanor

Posted by Paige Bresky - email

JUNO BEACH, FL (WFLX)  --- The man who was caught with turtle eggs early Friday morning has been charged with one count of violating the endangered species act and a violation of the Lacey Act.

Violation of the act is a felony which prohibits the sale, possession or transportation of illegally taken wildlife with a market value in excess of $350.

The subject's first court appearance is scheduled for Monday morning at the federal courthouse in West Palm Beach.

A police officer's car nearly collided with Kenneth Coleman's bicycle near Celestial Way in June Beach at 2:17 a.m. Friday because Coleman's bike had no lights.

The officer tried to issue him a bicycle violation for having no visible lights and traveling the wrong way on the roadway.

The subject failed to stop riding his bike and took the officer on a long chase.

Eventually, the subject's bike tripped over a rock and he dismounted his bike.

He then ran away from the officer, despite commands to stop and a warning that he would be tasered.

The subject was intimidated by the barking of the officer's dog, "Nitro", stopped running and was arrested.

When the officer initially encountered Coleman, he accidentally dropped his bookbag while attempting to flee.

120 turtle eggs were found in the bag.

A computer check revealed that Coleman had a prior arrest for turtle egg poaching.

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