Maximum Life in Prison for 2 August Robbers

Posted by Paige Bresky --email

State Attorney Michael McAuliffe announced that Carlos Elton Robinson, Jr. and Corey Douglas, have each been sentenced to maximum life in prison for robbery with a firearm.

The defendants were previously found guilty of the offense at a jury trial on June 24, 2010.

On August 7, 2008, while the victim was parked in a drug store parking lot in Palm Springs, Carlos Robinson and Corey Douglas approached the victim's vehicle, opened his driver's side door, placed a firearm with a high capacity magazine to the victim's side, and demanded the victim's wallet and phone.

The defendants fled the parking lot on foot and were observed entering a vehicle a block away.

Defendant Carlos Robinson was apprehended hours later in Pahokee and identified by the victim.

Deputies located a firearm within defendant Carlos Robinson's vehicle, and that firearm was identified by the victim as being the same firearm used in the robbery.

The co-defendant, Corey Douglas, was later identified through a photographic lineup.

State Attorney Michael McAuliffe congratulates Assistant State Attorneys Lauren Godden and John Parnofiello, as well as Officer John Weiss III of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and Detective Frank Milow of the Palm Springs Public Safety Department for their efforts in the investigation and prosecution of this case.