Jensen Beach Pygmy Whale Euthanized

Posted by Paige Bresky - email

JENSEN BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The Pygmy whale that washed ashore around 10 a.m. in Jensen Beach Thursday morning was euthanized.

The whale was found alive and was rushed to the Harbor Ranch Oceanographic Institute.

It weighed 873 pounds.

The necropsy will happen Friday and is expected to take eight hours.

Examiners will look at all parts of the whale to determine how it died and more about it's species.

Steve McColluch from Harbor Oceanographic Institute said the whale was "probably stranded due to illness or injury perhaps, but this species of whale has a cardiac disease known as Cardiomyopathy".

McColluch also added that the effects of Hurricane Earl are not helping marine life.

If you find a stranded animal, like a whale, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission urges that you call them at (888) 404-FWCC so they can get first responders to the location quickly.

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