Sea lion attacks boy at Australian zoo

LONDON (WFLX) - An Australian boy has quite a tale to tell after a bizarre attack at a zoo. He was invited to be part of a stage show, but quickly became sea lion bait.

"I was bitten basically where this whole pad is," said 11-year-old Jack Lister. Those pads cover his stomach and back.

There were screams from the crowd; one woman fainted, but Jack stayed cool. "It wasn't a big deal 'cuz I couldn't feel it," he said. "My sister was crying, but I don't know why."

Jack thinks he knows the reason Lexie, the sea lion, tried to make a meal of him. "The seal sneezed on me, and I had fish guts all over me, and, I think, it smelt the fish, and it wanted to eat me."

Zookeepers rushed to rescue Jack. They still don't know what got into Lexie. "The seal involved has been in our care for eight years. [She was an] orphaned seal from South Australia. We hand raised her. This is completely out of character," said a trainer.

Lexie's still doing her thing at the zoo, but no more getting up close and personal with fans until further notice.

Jack should make a full recovery. Now, he's got some advice: "Don't get sneezed on by seals".

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