Boy Scouts learn life lessons from playing video games

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV) - From academics to sports, there are more than 50 different topics a Boy Scout can learn. Now, they're learning their life lessons from playing video games.

A few Oklahoma City area parents were a little uncertain about the program when it first started, but, they say, it's turning out to be a very successful program with life long lessons.

Two thirds of all American households play video games, so it only made sense for the Boy Scouts of America to add the popular entertainment to their pack

"It's the same question as to 'how do you keep scouting relevant a hundreds years after it was formed?'" said Jeff Caputo. "This is just one of the ways."

Video games are a part of kids' lives now, and this is one of the ways to teach them perspective. And, in between the banter and the races against the Super Mario Brothers, there is perspective these scouts are gaining to earn a video game loop.

"We had to make a chart for when to stop, and we had to play with friends," said Boy Scout Christian Pierce.

"We also have to look up good prices for games from good places," added scout Christian Caputo. "We also have to teach someone else to play video games."

In between the fun and games, the scouts learn the responsibility of setting time limits and doing chores in between.

"I hope the most important thing kids come away with is that video games are another aspect of entertainment. Too much of it is a bad thing, but, in small amounts, it can be a lot of fun," said Jeff Caputo.

"I've learned that you shouldn't let video games be your whole entire life basically," Christian Caputo said.

Practically, all 60 kids in Oklahoma City's Pack 430 have earned the loop Scouts receive when completing a special skill. Overall, the feedback has been very positive from parents.

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