Latest gadget craze: 3D TVs & 'Magic Kitchen'

BERLIN, GERMANY (WFLX) - Music and video gadgets have been stealing the show at the world's biggest technology fair.

Now, a cheaper rival to Apple's iPad and a 3D home TV are two of the biggest launches at the event in Berlin.

Almost all big brands have come up with new models of three dimensional television, but do you really want to be sitting in front of your TV wearing goggles?

Probably not; therefore, many manufacturers are trying to develop 3D TVs that don't need goggles.

A German research lab has developed this prototype; scanners constantly check the position of your eyes and adjust the frame to give you a 3D picture. "It's based on lenticular screens. Lenticular screens, you probably know from 3D post cards or picture postcards, or postcards that you tilt that have alternating content," explained one researcher. "They have a very fine optical structure on them."

The researchers say it will take at least five years before the technology is ready for mass production. By then, you might have already shot dozens of home movies with 3D camcorders which are just now hitting stores.

Aside from TVs, an array of other novelties catch the eye. There's a whole range of new tablet computers looking to battle the iPad for market share.

Plus, new technology to help you save money with appliances, like a smart washing machine that finds out what time of day electricity is cheapest and does laundry in that time window.

But let's face it, at a tech fare, we want to see some crazy gadget. Well, how about the Magic Kitchen where you control the appliances by simply gesturing?!

Some of these toys will never make it into production, but many of the things will shape the way we use technology in the years to come.

Berlin's Technology Fair, the IFA, is one of the biggest in the world and is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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