Study reveals heavy Facebook are narcissists

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Your Facebook page is all about you, but is that really a good thing?

A new study suggests the heaviest users of Facebook are narcissists and people with low self-esteem.

According to the study of Canadian University students, people with insecurities manage their image by hiding physical features or personality traits and just posting online what they see as the best of themselves.

So, in essence Facebook, is just a tool to make yourself look better before your friends and your extended friends who are also on Facebook.

"What it is about the narcissist is, 'not only my friends going to see what I have on the Internet, but other people are going to see'. And that's the adoration they want."

The study doesn't go so far as to say all Facebook users are narcissists, but it shows both people with low self-esteem and high self-esteem are heavy users.

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