"Aargh matey, where's me pirate?"

By Peter Schaller - bio | email

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - A heist in the middle of the night leaves a popular local restaurant without its favorite pirate -- a statue that was bolted to the concrete.

Employees at Archie's on Ocean Boulevard in Ft. Pierce don't care where it went, they just want it back.

Now, they're demanding it's return. "Somebody knows where my pirate is. Please bring him back. Please!"

Police say Archie's owner, Patty McGee, says the 6 foot, 150 pound statue has been missing for over a week ago.

We're told it was bolted into a concrete slab and is worth about $1,000.

Stressed employees say these guys are good listeners. "All of us have had a long talk with our pirates because they don't talk back."

The owner says she doesn't have any security cameras at the restaurant. She thinks this happened in the middle of the night, so the only employees who would have saw anything are the fellow two pirates still left; however, they're not saying much.

The bar and grill has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole issue; however, if this is a prank. they don't think it's funny.

If you've seen the pirate, call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS. You could be eligible for a $1,000 reward.

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