Classmates make memorial for 8-year-old boy killed by truck

Liam Rojas
Liam Rojas

Posted by Paige Bresky --email

GREENACRES, FL --- An 8-year old boy died while riding his bike home from school with his father Wednesday.

Greenacres Police say after school let out at Pine Jog Elementary, third grader Liam Rojas and his father headed south on Jog road when Rojas was hit by a box truck that was making a right turn at the same time he was trying to cross the street.

A memorial was created where the accident happened on 13th and Jog.

A cross was left by classmates to remember Rojas.

There are also several stuffed animals, a toy car, and a candle that's been burning throughout the night.

FOX 29 saw one woman at the memorial placing a stuffed animal there Thursday morning.

She said she didn't even know the little boy but wanted to do something because it is such a heartbreaking situation.

"I just put an angel there to pray for the family. I have three boys. My son rode a bike to charlie lake, then rode a bike to pine jog for 2 years. So I know it could've been anybody's child. So my prayers are with the family," she said.

The truck says that hit Rojas says "recover care" on the side.

Their website says the company delivers health care supplies to families.

Detectives are still investigating the crash to see if the truck driver was at fault.