Dreyfoos grad writes, stars in movie opening Friday

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - During her senior year at Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Shayne Leighton wrote a screenplay she never dreamed would receive a theatrical release.  THE INCUBUS, a dark romance shot throughout South Florida, is set to open September 10 at over 15 theaters from Miami to West Palm Beach.

The multi-talented Leighton, who also stars in the movie, collaborated on the lyrics and performs vocals for the original pop-rock songs featured on the motion-picture soundtrack along with classmate and actress, Alexandra Santanna (who co-stars in the film). However, had it not been for a serendipitous encounter with Marcie Gorman, the director and executive producer of THE INCUBUS, in all probability, the film may never have been made.  Gorman, the former owner of Weight Watchers of Palm Beach County, mentored Leighton through the process and co-directed THE INCUBUS with Leighton.  Gorman has a lifetime commitment to the dramatic arts and music since she attended New York City's High School of Music and Art  and later performed in live stage productions at South Broward High School.

Comprised of  young, gifted local actors, THE INCUBUS, is a film that will resonate with a younger film audience.  "There is an honest, unpretentious feel to the film as if we are witnessing the small time dramas that play out in every high school as the hallways fill between classes," commented Gorman.  THE INCUBUS received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

THE INCUBUS,  takes a page from the hugely popular Twilight Series, but adds its' own twists and turns.  Unlike Twilight, THE INCUBUS is the story of two females pitted against one another with very different motivations.  And, the Incubus, while deadly in their own way, have a different mythology than Vampires and Werewolves.  Generally equated with mysterious sexual activity these demonic and immortal creatures are said to be void of emotion and prey on women while they sleep causing deterioration of health or sometimes death. Inspired by the tale, Shayne's Incubus characters feed on humans to satisfy their hunger for emotions they've not felt for centuries...and by their mere touch sickness and death comes to the victim.

In the film, Shayne Leighton stars as Marnie Rose, an innocent girl from the small town of Spoon River, who finds herself inexplicably drawn to a mysterious new stranger ... Rafael (Frantisek Mach).  He's unlike anyone she has known before.  Alexandra Santanna stars as the dark and worldly Bianca, the leader of the Incubus clan who is caught off guard by the attraction between Rafael and Marnie. Johnny (Michael C. Nouri), Marnie's lifelong friend, is also upset by the interactions and weird happenings and feels a strange attraction to beautiful Olivia (Donna Lisa),another one of The Incubus Clan.  The cast is rounded out by James Pace as the town Pastor and Marnie's abusive Uncle Walter who is haunted by his own deadly secret;  Amber Lynn Benson as Chris, Marnie's close friend;  Melvin Melina, the strong and silent member of THE INCUBUS clan who stays by Olivia's side, and a cameo appearance by the infamous Jimmy Star as "dead man running."

Brilliantly supported by original music the virtuoso score, for THE INCUBUS, composed by another impressive young talent, 21 year old Anthony Espina, is nothing short of a tour de force. The original pop/rock songs, from THE INCUBUS motion-picture soundtrack, were composed and produced by another talented local team, Steve Salem and Ginger-Ly of Guy and Lollipop Records.  Shayne Leighton and Alexandra Santanna perform the vocals for the songs which are generating a lot of buzz on youtube (15,000 views and great listener reviews).  Two songs from the soundtrack, Send Down the Angels and Hush, have already been submitted for Grammy consideration.  A third song, Crashing, performed by Alexandra Santanna, will be produced as a music video in September.  Preliminary discussions with L.A. based choreographer, Marty Kudelka, whose clients include Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson are currently underway.