SWAT team finds crack cocaine cooking inside 'drug den'

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - On the outside, it looks unsuspicious -- a home sitting on a quiet street in Delray Beach -- however, on the inside, it's a different story.

Delray Beach Police say the so-called "drug den" on Southeast 2nd Avenue was being used to manufacture crack cocaine and distribute more than a half dozen types of narcotics. "Our officers executed the warrant, entered the home, found crack cocaine to be cooking on the stove," Officer Jeff Messer said.

Following up on complaints from neighbors, the Delray Beach Police Department's SWAT team stormed the house.

Once inside the home, cops say, they were forced to shoot 20-year-old John Bean Jr. "He rolled to the other side of the bed, attempted to arm himself with a handgun which he was warned not to" said Messer. "[He] was shot one time through his right shoulder. It's a through and through shot, [but] not life threatening."

Police say his brother, 24-year-old Corey Bean, was in the kitchen cooking the crack cocaine.

Besides the half pound of crack still on the stove, cops also found a half pound of powder cocaine, two pounds of marijuana, four types of narcotic pills along with thousands of dollars in cash and a semi automatic handgun.

Even more disturbing is the playground and youth baseball field that's less than a block away from the home.

The injured suspect was transported to Delray Medical Center and is expected to be ok. The other suspect was taken into custody by Delray Beach Police.

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