Candidates Pull Out Of Scheduled Event We Now Know Replacement Speakers

If you have tickets for today political face off sponsored by the forum club of the palm beaches... You are in for a disappointment. Candidates for us senate.. Charlie Crist.. And Kendrick Meek.. Abruptly pulled out... But the show will go on without them. Just a few moments ago the form clubs executive director said...Not only will the show go on, but it will be a lively look at who's running for office. First, lets talk about why Crist and Meek both pulled out of the event. There is a long running labor dispute between the kravis center and stage-hands union. In order to attend the event Charlie Crist would've had to cross the picket line, something that could hurt make him appear anti-union.. And hurt his campaign. So he cancelled last night.. Then called on Kendrick meek to do the same.. Meek did cancel hours later.. But will meet with picketers briefly. Today's luncheon would have been their first time the 2 candidates for us senate would have faced off. Marco Rubio had never planned to attend the event, because of scheduling conflicts. About 600 people... Paid 55-bucks to see the candidates at today's event.. but instead ticket holders will now hear from two television political commentators. Robert Watson and Brian Crowley will take Crist and Meek's place. The luncheon is being held at the Cohen Pavilion at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach.


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