WPB Chase Bank robbery: An inside job

Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado
Clifford Davis
Clifford Davis
Barbara Hauck
Barbara Hauck

Posted by Paige Bresky - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Police say the bank robbery which took place Tuesday at a West Palm Beach Chase Bank was an inside job.

Three suspects are behind bars Wednesday night -- one of them a bank manager.

It was like a scene out of a movie.

Two men rode into a West Palm Beach bank on a motorcycle, held the place up at gunpoint, and then sped away with cash in hand..

But thanks to a series of mistakes, they're now behind bars with their alleged accomplice -- someone who knew exactly where the money was.

According to police, "On a motorcycle, they entered the lobby, they physically took over the bank at gunpoint, and robbed the bank."

It was the last thing customers expected to see at this Chase bank on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach Tuesday morning.

Police say the men thought to be responsible for the robbery are 29-year old Juan Mercado and 31-year old Clifford Davis, the driver of the motorcycle.

Once inside the bank, the two pistol whipped a bank employee then headed straight for one of the vaults.

Mercado filled a bag with cash as the banks assistant manager, 24-year-old Barbara Hauck watched.

Police say, "They were gonna take money from a different drawer and they were directed to the other place."

That's because, according to reports, Hauck, who is Mercado's live-in girlfriend, helped hatch the elaborate plan.

She conspired with her boyfriend and Davis to rob the bank the night before because McDonalds had just made a large deposit.

Police said, "We thought there was something odd about it due to the amount of money taken and that's what made us think of it first."

The amount of money stolen was about $150,000.

Police caught up with the trio because Davis and Mercado crashed the motorcycle.

They then carjacked a woman and ditched her Toyota in the Westgate area.

Cops tracked down the motorcycles owner who led them to Davis.

Davis agreed to surrender to police and turned over $20,000 in cash.

Cops then arrested Hauck and Mercado at their apartment in West Palm Beach.

Police said, "Mr. Davis voluntarily gave his share. The rest was found at Hauck Mercado residence."

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